Here For You Through COVid-19

We are here to provide critical security services to you during this challenging time.

Site Security & Concierge Services

Your buildings need top notch security that is ready to respond to every situation. OPS Security Group offers a range of flexible and effective security guard services to fit your needs. From residential to commercial buildings, to hospitals and schools, we are dedicated to keeping your residents, guests and employees safe.

Security Training & Consultation

OPS Security Group’s certified and experienced security personnel have the experience, rigorous training and qualifications to assess, train and consult your business on security regulations and best practices. Our consultants are dedicated to working with your and your organization in creating a customized security plan that meets the needs of your space.

Armed Guard Security Services

Stay protected with Armed Guard Security. OPS Security Group Armed Guard Protection services deliver complete security highly trained and highly qualified armed guard security personnel to deter any threat. This service is perfect for clients seeking to protect estates, events or transport delicate items discreetly and securely.

Perfect For

  • Corporate entities
  • Property Managers with criminal behavior onsite
  • Event Coordinators
  • High-Risk Locations
  • Shipping companies
  • Auction houses
  • High net-worth real estate
  • Houses of Worship
Is your COOP Plan In Place?

Ensure your business is prepared to handle complex risks

The whitepaper takes a deep dive into risk management planning in four key areas:

  • Prevention

  • Mitigation

  • Response

  • After Action

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