Security That Makes You Look Good

OPS Not only protects your property, but acts as an extension of your company — providing a professional, helpful presence that increases the value of your property and your lease renewal rates!

On average, our clients report an increase in occupancy by 10% and a boost in retention of 20%.


Increase Revenue & Tenant Comfort with Professional Security Guard Services

Increase lease renewal rates

A security guard company provides the added comfort that encourages businesses to renew their lease. On average, our clients report a 10% increase in occupancy and a 20% boost in retention.

Charge a premium rate for better amenities

Not every commercial building has a security guard service. Property managers of commercial buildings offering higher tier security services can charge higher rates on their leases.

Limit authorized access to your property

A front desk concierge can implement a secure sign-in protocol to ensure only people with authorized access can enter your building. This important policy is key to your building’s safety.

Protect your property & its assets

Whether guards man the concierge desk or patrol the property, their presence will repel any would-be threats to the people in your building. Guards will also monitor your property’s surroundings to keep it that safe and secure.

Increase your property value

You’ll raise the value of your commercial building by hiring a security company to watch over your property, especially a security guard company with a customer service mindset like OPS.

Is Professional Security Right For you?

Put your building security to the test with our checklist

The checklist covers top building security qualities related to:

  • Guard Professionalism & Duties
  • Critical Security Equipment
  • Adherence to Security Policies
  • Emergency Procedure Musts
  • Security Guard Access Controls

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